I am a life-long learner and continue to grow personally. My philosophy is to be service-oriented and I love to share what I have learned and have experienced with others. To this end, it is my passion to help others get the most out of life.

There are several key things I believe in and focus on.

1. The Way We Live Our Lives is a Choice Some years ago I realized I was living with anger and I set out to change. I decided to include joy and compassion in my life. Life is precious… treat it that way.

2. Getting to the Root Cause of Any Issue The body speaks to us in many ways. Usually what draws our attention is only a symptom of a deeper issue. I listen to understand what that underlying cause may be.

3. The Body Has the Innate Ability to Heal Itself If we give the body what it needs… rest, water and proper nourishment, combined with healthy habits and a positive outlook. A holistic approach can reduce stress and promote joy, putting us on a path to a healthy living.