In my practice I start with the Four Pillars of Wellness as the foundation for the most healthy lifestyle. They are based on the following…


Movement + Exercise

Move your body, starting where you are today with what you can do.

Stretching. Breathing. Walking. Yoga. Biking. Swimming. Hiking…

Do what you enjoy to keep your body moving, and change it up. By changing your workout frequently you change your metabolism.

Movement helps clear your mind and relieve stress. Time in nature promotes gratitude.


Nutrition + Diet

Nutrition is about properly nourishing your body. A healthy diet rarely includes starving or depriving yourself.

I believe in bio-individuality. Everyone’s body is unique and has its own nutritional needs. I can help you with sustainable eating habits for your metabolism and offer tips to break your cravings.

Here are the major components of good nutrition:

Water Whole foods - fresh vegetables + fruits, nuts + seeds, fiber, healthy oils Alkalinity - promoting a healthy immune system Fermented foods - dark chocolate, kombucha, kimchi, sauerkraut, kefir

Stay away from processed and inflammatory foods like sugar, wheat, soy, dairy, corn.

Home cooking nourishes the soul and nurture others.

Recommended video links: Juice Plus: Bridge the Gap TED Talk: The Surprisingly Charming Science of Your Gut



Stress Management + Sleep

I will help you identify healthy and unhealthy stress. What stress motivates you and what stress hinders you?

Stress management tools I recommend:

Sleep - essential for balanced living

Breath work Meditation Yoga Simplifying Conscious choices Being present Time with nature Journaling Practice gratitude

“Gratitude is at the heart of everything.”


 Community + Life Purpose

“Why are we here?” I believe we’re really here to support one another.

Identify your communities and get involved. Contribute and receive. Allow yourself to receive support as you give to others.

Personal interaction stimulates and enriches. Connecting with others feeds your soul.

Find joy!

Relationships - set boundaries around what you value and choose to surround yourself with positive, supportive people.


Massage Therapy

“Masso” is Greek for touch. Throughout time healers have used touch as a means to alleviate pain and stress. The benefits of massage are many: improving circulation and promoting a sense of well being through stress relief, deep relaxation and personal attention.

I offer Swedish and Sports massages, facilitated stretching and other techniques. Sessions run from one to two hours. I recommend a 90 minute session.